Special Services Network


Floorcovering Consultant Group has a well-earned reputation for bringing professionalism, knowledge and integrity to the commercial flooring industry's flooring needs. Services delivered are second to none. Now, FCG has added an important service dimension - our National Accounts Services Network. Vendors and Flooring Contractors associated with Fcg have pledged to work together to deliver service and value to our multi-location clients in a timely way. This new team will provide you with consistent levels of service across your multi-location projects. Team requirements include standardized compliance, including insurance, safety and today's job site security issues. Installation crews will have proper identification, basic uniforms and background checks. Service vehicles will have proper identification and a professional appearance. Complete project management also includes: insured warehousing, reclamation services, warranty issuance support, project insurance, coordinated billing, scheduling, material estimating and applicable municipal compliance. Managing a national flooring account requires detailed preparation from both product manufacturer and the project/installation contractor. Being able to react and adjust expertly to all job-site tasks is the sign of a true commercial flooring professional. That's why teaming up with FCG and our National Accounts Services Network makes so much sense. FCG and our National Accounts Services Network can reduce business costs by drawing on Floorcovering Consultants Group knowledge and service. Consistent service capability throughout North America from vendors and local Flooring Contractors . A broad range of product options to meet any of your requirements. Dependable, professional and timely service aimed at earning your loyalty and long-term business. FCG, and our associates , specifically addresses the needs of your multi-location business.

We look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating our unique service capabilities.

Let us get you to the "finish line" while meeting all of your project requirements.

For more information please contact:

Gene Royer Phone: 760-200-4078 Cell: 310.701.3254 Fax: 760-406-5666 gener@4fcg.com