What it Takes to Get the Job Done

Completing any commercial flooring project can be tricky.  There are many facets that you may not even be aware of or have the time or resources to deal with, include:

Site analysis and layout

Pre-Installation Work
Code and Regulation Compliance
Insurance Issues
Removal and Disposal
Anticipating “Down-the-Road” costs

Add to that material selection, purchasing, delivery and warehousing, and the actual installation itself, and it can all be a bit overwhelming.  And an installer alone isn’t equipped to handle the complexities of the entire project.  This is where an experienced and knowledgeable project manager comes into play.  Someone who sees and is accountable for the big picture.  Someone who knows how to anticipate and avoid problems that could potentially dead-end your project.  Someone who can take all the headaches and hassles off your plate, and manage them effectively and efficiently. Someone like us.